• The (Cannabis) Brand Problem

    You’ve got a great concept, killer product and amazing brand – but you can’t tap the most powerful ad technology to promote it.

  • Problem Solved!

    Two award-winning cannabis and marketing industry veterans have teamed up to create the first true Social & Content Amplification Platform  for Cannabis Brands.

  • Content is King

    Create blog, photo and video content – then boost on Facebook, IG and more.

  • Influencers on Tap

    Their audience + your product + our strategy = WIN!

The End of Cannabis Marketing Censorship

You’ve created an amazing product and now it is time to tell the world about it. There’s just one problem: you can’t use Facebook or Google Ads to do so! Our platform was created to allow cannabis brands to make use of the most powerful ad technology in the world.

Recruit Influencer Ambassadors

Our network of talent spans all verticals within the cannabis industry – and many crossover lifestyle markets with cultural overlaps to cannabis. We will curate a selection of influencer partners, manage their posting schedules and ensure content quality.

Great Content – Boosted to your Audience

Our content farms exist within an editorial “safe space” from censors – meaning we can craft compelling branded content, tapping industry veteran writers, photographers and makers, and boost that content on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere. Just like any other class of product!

How It Works

A five step process to getting your brand in front of as many engaged eyeballs as possible!


Content is published organically, through our content farm outlets and the approved influencer channels.


Content and influencer posts are boosted using Facebook, Google, Twitter and other marketing platforms, targeting your audience.

Campaign Review

Review brand, goals, timeline and budget. Discover initial target market personas.

Influencer + Content Proposal

Proposed influencer partners and sample content presented for review.

Content Creation

Articles, photos, videos, interviews and more.

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